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About Junior Fall Training

The training ramps up in intensity just as the school year starts up in Vermont. It’s Fall Training!

You’ve had an incredible summer of fun workouts, long adventures in the mountains and a base of fitness and speed. Now it’s time to take that work to the next level and prepare for the season ahead with harder sessions, continued volume and race simulations. After the bliss of summer the harder workouts always coincide with darker and colder days…can you think of a better way to get tough for the biggest races of the season?

5-Day Comp Team

August 31-November 21

MNC offers a full 5-day/week competition training program preparing athletes for success at the high school, Eastern Cup, Regional (U16, EHS Championship) and Junior National levels.

Sessions take place at the Range and various locations around the county with intervals, timetrials, and distance training designed to build toward great races when the snow flies.

Combine the Fall Competition Team training with continued strength training at Dee PT in South Burlington for a complete professional training option. During fall strength training we will focus on increasing muscular capacity before working toward speed and power movement. It’s time to put some bend in those carbon poles!

2-day Junior Team

August 31-November 21

Many skiers wish to augment their fall sport with ski sessions each week. For those athletes, multiple training options allow for flexible participation with MNC.

Train with MNC on any 2 days that fit your schedule during your fall season. Tuesday/Thursday rollerski sessions are ideal! Once fall sports season ends, you will have FULL access to all MNC training 5-Days per week.

1-day Junior Team

August 31-November 21

Perfect for skiers who are heavily involved in a fall sport, the 1-day Junior Team offers a chance to get on skis at the Range either Tuesday or Thursday each week to supplement your school sport with specific work toward skiing. Once the fall sports season ends, you will have FULL access to all MNC training for the remainder of the fall!

Fall Strength Training
Dee PT logo

September 6-November 18

Our strength training on Wednesday nights has become extremely popular with Junior athletes. MNC is excited to offer a continuation of this program!

Mansfield Nordic has been fortunate to develop a relationship with local PT clinic Dee PT  in South Burlington.  As a resource for experience and knowledge in the fields of weight training, injury prevention and fitness gains, this relationship is a great opportunity for MNC Juniors.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Head Coach Adam Terko will lead group training in the well-equipped indoor facility at Dee PT on Dorset Street in South Burlington. With a later start time on Wednesdays, this is an excellent opportunity for HS sport athletes to supplement their fall seasons with great strength training for the ski season!

Wednesdays: 6-7:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

Saturdays: 3-4:30pm (unless otherwise noted)

The facility will be closed to the public, and the Mansfield Nordic training group will have exclusive access. Adam will work with athletes to identify goals for strength improvement, and develop progressive programs to make these gains with consistent high-level training.

Thanksgiving Training Camp

Get ready for the season ahead with 5 days of on-snow training at the amazing Craftsbury Outdoor Center. This is a highlight of the year for many MNC Juniors…with guaranteed snow to ski on, great teammates to train with, and unbelievable food at the dining hall, it’s hard not to get a ton out of this event. Thanksgiving dinner at COC is included for attendees…details are forthcoming on Thanksgiving dinner for family members/guests as Craftsbury determines their availability.

Registration for Thanksgiving Camp is open ONLY TO SKIERS HOLDING AN MNC MEMBERSHIP. Payment options include $100 deposit (due Oct 15), $299 remainder (due Nov 15) or the full price of $399.

Registeration for the MNC Thanksgiving Camp is FULL. See you at Craftsbury!

Program Fees:

Fee Notice: Listed prices below increase $20 after August 31st (exception Dee PT)

  • $599   5-Day Competition Team
  • $299   2-Day Training Group
  • $199    1-Day Training Group
  • $299   3-Day Collegiate Team
  • $199   2-Day Collegiate Team
  • $99     1-Day Collegiate Team
  • $399   Thanksgiving Training Camp (11/22-11/26)
  • $75      2-Day Dee PT Strength Training*

* Dee PT not included as part of standard 5 Day Comp team.

All payments are easier than ever thanks to PayPal integration: use a secure checkout for PayPal or Credit/Debit card payment!


Sample training week:

Tuesday: 4:00-6:30pm Skate rollerski with L4 intervals @ The Range

Wednesday: 6:00-7:30pm Run followed by lifting at Dee PT in South Burlington

Thursday: 4:00-6:30pm Classic rollerski with specific strength @ The Range

Friday: 4:00-6:00pm Run and mobility drills at Mills Riverside Park in Jericho

Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm L3 skiwalking/bounding at Honey Hollow Rd in Richmond

3:00-4:30pm Lifting at Dee PT in South Burlington

Sunday: 9:00am-12:00pm Optional trip to Stowe to hike and ski on early snow

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