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BKL Open Skiing & Ski w/ UVM Cats Day

Last week wrapped up our BKL program but we will continue to ski as long as the snow holds out. So:

Tuesday 3/28:  Free Skiing at the Range (no organized program). Choose your technique, Rosemary & Adam will be at the Range.

Thursday 3/30: Ski with the UVM Cats Day!  The UVM Nordic team will come and ski with us, so a great chance to go for a ski with some fun, fast skiers!

Sunday 4/2: Cochran’s Nordic Cross! Super-fun event that everyone should try out…jumps, berms, slaloms and PANCAKES!



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BKL Practice Week of 3/21

Tuesday 3/21: It’s Awards Day!  Skate Technique! Parents: Bring snacks, I will make the Hot Chocolate. First we’ll play a big game of “Stones”, then we’ll quit for snacks, hot chocolate & awards.

Thursday 3/23:  Skate. It will be either “Fun Day” or Ski to the Alpine Hill Day. Either way, it’s going to be fun!

Saturday 3/25: MNC Club Relay at Craftsbury: 4 person relays. Each skier skis 4 or 5 km, 2 people go skate and 2 go classic. Get a team together and register on Ski Reg. by Thursday. Cost is $60 per team for BKL. If you need help finding a team, e-mail Rosemary.

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Updated: BKL Practice Week of 3/14

Update 3/13– Because of the predicted blizzard of Tuesday/Wed., we are moving our End-of-Season awards to Thursday. We will still practice on Tuesday for everyone who can make it. We will still Skate on Tuesday and Classic on Thursday.

This week marks the official end to our program, however, we will keep skiing through March, as long as the snow holds out. We realize that some kids are starting other sports, but for kids who still want to ski, we’ll keep posting practice on the blog through March.

Tuesday 3/14: Skate Technique. Game Day

Thursday 3/15: Classic Technique. Don’t forget to take any klister off your skis because we’ll be using hardwax!

1) BKL End of Season Party & Awards

2) Parents should bring snacks.

3) I will also have program surveys for parents to fill out.   Please help us improve our program by filling out a survey!



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BKL Practice Week of 3/06


Tuesday- No practice. It’s supposed to be warm & raining. Many parents may also be at Town Meeting most of the day.

Thursday- tentative plans are we should be able to ski at the range. Skate technique. Practice on as of Wed. night. Please check blog tomorrow- I will make a new post if we cannot ski, otherwise we are on!

Sunday: Shooting Stars Biathlon Festival at the Range. If you have been wanting to try biathlon this winter, now is your chance! See last week’s post or event calendar for links to info & registration. We are supposed to get snow on Saturday, so skiing should be good!
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