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Order your BKL NENSA SWIX Apparel by Nov. 12!

NENSA and long-time sponsor, Swix, are teaming up to offer the BKL SWIX Jacket program again this year! This program is a benefit for NENSA Clubs, such as MNC.   Click here: NENSA SWIX Jacket Program to see what you can get this year and for more info.
How to Order:  All orders are through your club, so e-mail  Coach Rosemary
with: your name, telephone number, e-mail, your child(ren)’s name, the item name, size, color and price. Then send a check for the full amount made out to Rosemary Shea-Cobb, 22 Brookside Rd, Westford, VT 05494.
All orders are due to Rosemary by Sunday, Nov. 12.  Orders should be in just before Christmas, although last year, some things got delayed. The store will be open again for a later order between Dec. 15 and Jan. 15.
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BKL Sunrise Hike up Camel’s Hump

  It was cold, dark and early in the morning when Virginia and I pulled into the Burrows trailhead parking lot at 6am for the BKL Sunrise hike up Camel’s Hump. Carl Priganc, his father Dave, Carly Trapeni and her parents Carolyn and Chris were already there. The parents were donning their headlamps and packs and the kids- well, the kids all looked a little sleepy. “Did Carl fall asleep?” asked someone in the dark. “No, I’m here!” replied Carl as he burst across the parking lot. I laced up my boots, we rustled Carly and Virginia out of the cars, and we hit the trail.

Up through the dark we went, a string of twinkling headlamp lights. Every now and then someone would recognize something:  “There’s the bench tree” or “This is halfway rock!”  Things look different in the dark and it was hard for me to look at anything but the section of rocky trail ahead lit up by my headlamp. The time passed quickly with conversation and after about an hour, the sky began to brighten. We picked up our pace, anxious to get to the summit in time to see the sunrise. You can’t hike as fast in the dark, but now that it was getting lighter we could pick up the pace. We reached the clearing below the summit, grouped up, and then motored up the trail for the last 0.3 miles.

Finally, we emerged from the last bit of scrumholz to the stoney summit for a breathtaking view to the east. The sun had fully emerged and was casting a golden glow on the cloudy sky. Every plant on the summit and some of the rocks as well were covered with feathers of ice built into the wind- rime ice. It was a beautiful sight!

We found a place out of the wind and hunkered down for muffins and thermoses of tea, coffee and hot cocoa. Although we all donned all the clothing we brought, the wind made it feel cold, so breakfast was quick and we soon headed down the mountain. It was a leisurely trip down and we all warmed up on the way.

What a fun hike to do! Thanks to the Trapeni’s for the idea and thanks to Chris for taking the photos!

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Hunger Mt. Hike

Ten adventurous BKL kids plus five parents took advantage of a day off from school to hike Mt. Hunger on Friday. What a gorgeous day it was! The group got quite strung out on the uphill climb due to a variety of hiking paces but everyone made it to the top where the views were awesome in all directions. It was so clear that we could see the White Mountains to the east and the Adirondacks to the west.  A fierce wind was blowing down the ridgeline so we had to find a sheltered spot to eat our lunch. Carly’s mom, Carolyn, treated us all to gingerbread and whipped cream that she packed up the mountain in honor of her birthday. Happy Birthday Carolyn and great work hiking to all the kids and parents!

Next week’s hike is on Sunday, Oct. 29. We’ll be hiking Mt. Mansfield!

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BKL Fall Hikes

Come join your BKL friends and Coach Rosemary for a hike!  Family and friends welcome. If your child needs a ride, contact Coach Rosemary ( and she may be able to help. Hikes go in rain, shine or snow. Pack for the weather- appropriate clothing, water and lots of snacks! Most hikes begin at 10 am. Check event calendar for details and trailhead map links.


10/14: Stowe Pinnacle. Meet at Parking Lot at 10 AM. Rendezvous at Cold Hollow for cider & donuts for those homeward bound through Waterbury. Email Rosemary if you are going. Map & Info

10/20 (Friday): No School Hike! Hunger Mountain, Waterbury. Meet at Trail Head on at 10 AM. Email Rosemary (  if you are going. Map & Info

10/29 (DATE CHANGED): Mt. Mansfield via Butler Lodge Trail.  Meet at trail head (Stevensville Rd) at 9:30. Email Rosemary ( if you are going. Map & Info

11/04:  Sunrise Hike!  Camel’s Hump via the Burrows Trail. Meet at Burrows Trail Head Parking lot.  Waterbury folks might want to hike up from that side and meet us at the top by 7:25.  Potluck Breakfast at the top! Email Rosemary ( if you are going. Map & Info

11/11:  Camel’s Hump Loop: Forest City Trail to Long Trail to summit and back down the Burrow’s Trail. Maybe we’ll find some snow! Option for a shorter hike for those who want to do less. Meet at Burrows Trail Head, Huntington at 10:00 am. Email Rosemary ( if you are going. Map & Info


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MNC Gear Swap Page

As you go through your gear inventory for the fast approaching ski season…  Don’t forget to check out our Gear Swap Page

We list skis, poles, boots and any gear related to the sport.  There is also a ‘wanted’ section.

Have extra or outgrown ski gear?    List it for sale on the MNC Gear Swap Page

Need some new(used) ski gear?   Check out the MNC Gear Swap Page for some great deals  …  and list under the wanted section if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

To put a listing on site, please email Karen

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