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Adam Terko named 2017 NENSA Coach of the Year!

We are pleased to inform you that Adam Terko has been named the 2017 NENSA Coach of the Year.  Adam joined MNC in 2015 as our Head Coach/Executive director and from the first day has embraced and embodied the core values of our club;  Excellence, Passion and Fun.

Through his tremendous level of dedication,  passion and playfulness  he has made significant contributions to our athletes, our club as well as the local and regional ski community.

We as a club are extremely thankful to have Adam, and are proud that NENSA has chosen to honor him.  Congratulations Adam for this outstanding achievement!

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Thanks for an amazing season!

This Saturday, MNC held our annual end-of-season party to celebrate a great 2016/2017. No manmade snow was required to make for a great day of skiing, as another late-season storm brought a few fresh inches of snow to an already-snowy Vermont! It served as a good metaphor, to say the least: no matter how great our seasons are, Mansfield Nordic can always look for more!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE involved with MNC at any level: skiers, parents, volunteers, coaches, board members, the Range groomers, the National Guard, our great sponsors (Toko, Bobo’s, Skirack, Rossignol, Rudy Project, Dee PT) and all of the great skiers and community members that make our sport such a joy!

At our event, we also said a very special thanks to Sharon Henry and Gary Solow, who have contributed unimaginable amounts of their own time and energy to help organize events, capture photos, rally volunteers, and handle all manner of gatherings. Many, many thanks Sharon and Gary!

Karen gave a very nice speech recognizing all that Sharon and Gary have done for MNC!


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The Spring of Shred

Even though the traditional MNC season has ended and many of our younger skiers (both BKL and Junior) are doing spring sports, the snow has stuck around. We’ve been getting up to the Range every Tuesday and Thursday in late March and now, in early April, we can do the same!

Spring skiing is a big time for working on agility, confidence, and body awareness…in the form of some jumps! With hay bales aplenty and tiki torches blazing, we called up the UVM ski team and asked if they’d like to come show us their skills. They did not disappoint, and we even had a few rounds of skier-cross and sharks and minnows to ensure that late-season aerobic work. Thanks Cats!

A bunch of MNC skiers also had a great time at the Cochran’s Nordic X event on Sunday…this thing was HUGE! Any nordic race that involves an alpine lift ride to the start (think Stowe Derby, too) is bound to be awesome. I competed in the first edition of this event but hadn’t been back until this year. It has grown a ton! With a kids race, a giant gathering of Juniors from all over the area, and most all of the Dartmouth and UVM skiers it was a sight to behold. Here are some photos from the week!

Not just for the younger kids…

One of many showdowns between Carl (Priganc) and Karl (Schulz)

Big air!

Crazy suits were all over at Cochran’s. Marika, Quincy and I after the race! (photo by Paul Bierman)

Video from the Nordic X race…Aidan having a little trouble with the slush: luckily mom was ready with the camera 😉

More photos from our UVM ski jumping day!


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Club Relay Championships (and Spring Fling!)

This was a busy late-season weekend that featured the inaugural New England Club Relay Championships, hosted by our club! With ample snow, amazing trails, and great support, the Relays were a ton of fun and brought out a LOT of competitors. In a great display of the depth and health of the Vermont ski scene, some competitors had recently returned from All-American performances at NCAA Championships, while some were jumping into their first ski race ever!

Racers from elementary school to Masters age churned up the trails on teams with names that ranged from intimidating (“Jacked-Up Jim and the Wrecking Crew”) to self-deprecating (“MANSA: Moderately Athletic Nordic Ski Association”). Everyone put the hammer down on classic or skate legs and champions were crowned!

The club and racers can’t thank Craftsbury enough for helping make this event happen. From grooming to race setup to volunteers on course and off, there it nothing that the Craftsbury Outdoor Center doesn’t excel at. Many thanks also go out to Jim Fredericks who first brought up the idea of this event and made it a reality.

Sunday was the annual Spring Fling event, a race which many MNC members also contested. With beautiful weather and a tasty BBQ it really capped off the weekend on a great note! You can find results from both Saturday and Sunday’s events below.

Here are a few photos from Gary Solow, with the entire album linked at the bottom. Enjoy!

Action at the start: 3 Juniors who really don’t like to use kickwax. All three here just double-poled the classic course…Will and Brandon on skate skis, Glueck on “shiny” skis or “blank” skis, which are classic skis wax entirely for glide like a skate ski

Classic specialists Karen and Ellie!

Monica and Renate rocking some matching team colors

BKL, Juniors, and Masters…all in the same race!

Ali tagging off to Aidan, who was soon being chased out on course by Adam 😉

Steve and Steve, part of the Wrecking Crew

MANSA represent!

Find more photos from Gary Solow HERE

Relay results by category Club Totals | BKL |<200 Men  | <200 Mixed BKL | >199 Men | >199 Mixed | >199 Women

Spring Fling results

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NE Club Relay Champs Wax Rec

Note: this initial recommendation is being posted on 3/21 (Tuesday) and is subject to change pending weather updates.

For this race Adam will be on-hand with all the MNC wax, ready to test and help with classic wax. We can also apply a topcoat to skis on-site to ensure maximum speed! The following recommendations are for prep and race underlayers:

Glide for all skis

Begin with a layer of NF Blue/CH6 or other blue glide wax to harden the base. Scrape and brush.

Apply a layer of SkiGo XC or LF Graphite, or Toko NF or LF Black. Scrape and brush.

Apply the following paraffin depending on your brand preference:

Toko: 1:1 mix of HF Red and HF Yellow

Swix: HF8X

SkiGo: HF Orange

Holmenkol: Racing Mix Yellow

Substitute LF or NF (non fluoro) if applicable!

Classic skis

Thoroughly clean your kick zone, and have it clearly marked

Use 100-grit sandpaper, wrapped around a cork or other flat surface, and lightly abrade the kick zone in a tip-to-tail scrubbing pattern


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