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Biathlon Trials: Round 2

This past weekend the US Biathlon Team and biathletes from all over the country were back in Jericho for another round of Olympic Trials. These rollerski races were another stepping stone towards Olympic qualification for many, and it was once again a good opportunity to watch some of the world’s best athletes rollerskiing on our home course.

For this set of races, the “MNC House” hosted 3 SLU athletes who are aspiring biathletes. Lucy, Jackie, and Tim all stayed with Coach Adam and Coach Liam in the Jericho home base, and it was a good opportunity to chat about how the various teams are all training and getting ready for the winter.

On Saturday, the MNC crew had a bounding session at Honey Hollow and so we had to miss out on the biathlon action that day. It was a great workout on our favorite dirt road though, complete with peak foliage and elderly drivers motivating us by yelling about how much faster they would run back when they were in the 101st Airborne (shoutout to our favorite new Honey Hollow resident and Pugs fan).

Hey, there’s a familiar face! It’s Ben Carnahan back for mid-semester break!

After bounding, I met up with Kai at the Range for some double pole intervals. With the biathlon races recently completed, the Range was still open for skiing so we took advantage of an opportunity for Kai to get in some double poling since he wasn’t competing in an XC running race that weekend. I have to say, it was a pretty focused and productive session and I was able to get a lot of video footage. 4×7 min Level 3 on the Fall Rollerski Classic course, with the last 2 minutes of each interval stepping up into Level 4 pace.

After the double poling, Kai and I hit the gym to continue those strength gains. Oddly though, we did not see any of the rest of the team at that session…I guess everyone decided to do a strength workout at home on their own, right 😉

That evening, we had a really nice “dinner party” comprised of MNC coaches, some SLU skiers, some US Biathlon skiers, an independent professional biathlete, and a US Biathlon Coach. We got together for a group photo with the Pug sign, while also getting our best antlers out to “Moose It” for the legendary ski club Moose Nordic (click for additional photo sample).

Skiers, coaches, and biathletes embracing the Pug and the Moose!

Back row L-R: Pro biathlete Raleigh Goessling, MNC Coach Adam Terko, SLU skiers Lucy Hoschartner, Jackie Garso, and Tim Cunningham

Front row L-R: US Biathlon Team athlete Jake Brown, US Biathlon Team coach Danika Frisbie, US Biathlon Team athlete Paul Schommer

Photo by MNC Coach Liam John!

On the final day of racing I got to go watch the action, including the main races and also a mass start youth race afterward featuring both Tim’s (Cunningham and Cobb), Charles, and Marika. Great races everyone!

A big mass start group feauring Tim Cunningham (yellow helmet) and Tim Cobb (all black just behind him) and Marika

This week we’re going to be putting in a lot of volume with some big training days. Having school off on Thursday and Friday for most should help!

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MNC Annual Meeting

Join us for the Mansfield Nordic Club Annual Meeting at the Underhill Town Hall on Sunday, November 12, 2017. Prior to the Annual Meeting, MNC will offer an optional 3-5 mile hash run (details below). The Annual Meeting will begin with a potluck meal and the MNC program presentation followed by a multi-media presentation by World Master Champion, JoAnn Hanowski. (Skiing Across Finland and Beyond)
The MNC Annual Meeting is open free of charge to all interested Nordic skiing enthusiasts. Please RSVP by November 9th.
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Drop off food dishes for Potluck meal at the Underhill Town Hall in Underhill Center.
2:30 pm – 3:50 pm: Hash Run: This event starts at 70 Maple Leaf Rd in Underhill Center. The Hash Run is a cross country course laid out with flour markings giving the participants different options with only one correct route. The Hash Run is designed so slower and faster runners finish the course about the same time.

Directions to Hash Run:

70 Maple Leaf Rd: drive up Stevensville Rd in Underhill Center, take a left turn at Maple Leaf Farm onto Maple Leaf Road. Continue for ¾ mile up around the sharp curve to the 1st house on the right.

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Potluck meal and MNC program presentation followed by guest speaker presentation and raffle.
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Fall Rollerski Classic Recap

Way back in the early spring, I attended the NENSA Board Meeting in Hanover. A topic of discussion was adding more rollerski racing to the calendar in order to drum up excitement for the sport, add options for ski-specific competition outside of the winter, and get groups from all over New England together.

My hand shot up at that meeting and, with the Range in mind, I volunteered our club to organize, host, and pull off a big fall rollerski race.

Well…thanks to many dedicated volunteers, an absolutely pro timing crew, and racers from U16 to college and beyond, we pulled it off!

I’m not sure where 100 registrants stacks up in the list of “all-time-biggest North American rollerski races” but I have to imagine this event was up there. Even if there was one DNS bringing the number down to a tantalizing 99, that’s still pretty impressive. A big component was the presence of the UVM, Middlebury, St. Mikes, Bowdoin, and Harvard teams. Having the college skiers around definitely added to the intensity of the field (UVM went 1-4 in the women’s race and 1-6 in the men’s) but also just reinforced how healthy the culture of skiing is in our corner of VT. This was brought to light last spring where the same vast mix of age groups and backgrounds was on display at the Cochran’s Nordic Cross event, and here we were again with all sorts of skiers mixing it up.

The day started with U16 races, followed by open categories. Lots of banners, V-boards, team tents, music, and even an MC (thanks Dave!) kept it feeling like an Eastern Cup on rollerskis. Coach Liam and Carl Priganc got some great photos to add to my random collection throughout the day.

Photographer extraordinaire Carl Priganc sporting the Pug Socks

Ali and Magda were the first Pugs out on course, and they both skied great. The U16 field’s weren’t super big but even still, it was evident just watching them ski that they were going to end up finishing 1-2 (Magda won, Ali was 2nd). We did some intervals on this exact course earlier in the week so the home course advantage probably helped, too. They both skied this little transition on Airplane Loop so well that I had to make it into a specific video:

Ali and Magda after their race!

In the U16 men’s race Aidan took it out fast and held his pace for the win. After a few skate rollerski races in the row he was itching for a classic race and he made the most of it. The double poling was snappy, and the striding looked like a great combination of smooth and quick.

Aidan hungry to go fast and hungry for some prize bread

U16s being U16s

The open races brought on some big race fields (31 women, 55 men) which means a busy course and lots of fast racers cruising all over. It was a really cool scene for sure! This was also when the UVM domination really took over…the coolest part, though, was seeing folks who were juniors just a year or two before now representing their new college teams…for example, last year’s Eastern Cup winners Alex Lawson and Elliot Ketchel racing for Middlebury and Bowdoin, respectively.

Matt Doyle promoting the Pugs on his helmet alongside NENSA’s Justin Beckwith. Kai gets ready to start in the background

Kai has done a great job navigating a busy autumn and had a really great race in 21st, showing he can compete right with New Englands top Juniors and hold his own against Midd, Bowdoin, SMC, and Harvard skiers

Timmy put his rifle away for this one and broke out the classic skis for the third time in a month…and he hung tough even with a broken pole on the third lap

Coach Adam cheering on Dakota who did a bit of miscalculating and ended up skiing extra distance…I guess if you’re adding kilomters to a race the time to do it is now and not winter!

Familiar faces: Harmeyer brothers en route to 1st (Bill) and 5th (Henry)

It was an awesome fall day and the weather even turned out great. Special thanks to supporters from NENSA, Rossignol, Toko, and Niflheim Nordic! Looking forward to the 2nd annual event next season!

Results: 2017 MNC_EABC fall classic

Photos from Carl Priganc: Fall Classic Priganc

Photos from Liam John: Fall Classic John

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Gearing up for the Fall Rollerski Classic

Coming right up this weekend is the NENSA Fall Rollerski Classic! Please make sure you are signed up for this event as we’d love a big MNC showing at our home race!

Remember: if you raced at Climb to the Castle or the App Gap Challenge, enter the coupon code “fallclassicdiscount” for 15% off!

This week we’ll be getting ready for the event with some classic intervals on the course itself, and mental prep strategies for getting psyched to have strong performances. With the onslaught of classic intensity this week, we fit some additional skating into the past week with Climb to the Castle and then a long skate rollerski in Huntington on Saturday. Some nice pavement made up for a dreary “Norwegian weather” day.

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