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Favorite Roller Ski Routes

Below are links to parking and maps for some of our Master’s and Junior’s favorite roller ski routes.

Williston Bike Path and Neighborhoods [park, route map]

The bike path is very flat and a great place for new roller skiers to gain confidence.  Connected to the bike path at Old Stage Rd is the Southridge neighborhood which has several hills with easy declines.  One can add miles by connecting to other neighborhoods through the Allen Brook bike path or do repeat intervals on some of the hills.

Southridge TT Loop, Williston [park, route map]

Located in Williston, this 6K loop with three climbs, is used as by our Masters as a regular training fitness test each Fall. [prior TT results]

Rt 127 Bike Path, The North End [parkroute map]

A favorite of our BTV crowd.   This route is free of steep hills but has steady grades and steeper climbs at the either end. The parking link above is at the CP Smith school close to the north end of the bike path.  An alternate parking area is at the Ethan Allen Homestead in the middle of the route.

Airport Park Colchester [park, route map]

A connection of bike paths, roads and neighborhoods over relatively flat terrain.

Georgia Town Park Loop, Georgia [park, route map]

A great loop and a favorite of our Masters.  Not only does it have great scenery, it has very little traffic and is great for long rolls with some good climbs and rolling terrain. This map starts on a shorter loop up Polly Hubbard (~4 mi) before doing the main big loop (~14 mi).

Pleasant Valley Rd, Cambridge [park, route map]

Another scenic out and back route that can get a bit too busy with traffic during leaf peeper season.  A few steeper hills on both the outward and inward directions. The parking link is at the Cambridge Post office, but please don’t use this lot while the Post Office is open.

Hollow Rd, Huntington [park, route map]

Nice rolling out and back.

Bear Trap Road, Milton [park, route map]

Another scenic loop with low traffic.   Rolling terrain with a few steeper hills.

Little Chicago Rd, Ferrisburgh [park, Loop #1, Loop #2]

For our skiers on the southern end of the county,  this route offers low traffic, rolling terrain and the potential for two big loops.

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