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MNC Club Racing: Zak and Club Cup

Calling all MNC racers and interested future-racers! As one of the largest clubs in New England, Mansfield Nordic has quite a strong presence with the NENSA framework.

Just a sampling of a big club with big potential!

But there is a side of our club that in some ways has never been tapped to its full potential…our opportunities to score points in the NENSA Zak Cup and Club Cup standings! We have many talented racers at all levels, but the Zak and Club Cup standings are not determined by fast skiing alone…participation is key, and with a large member base we can really make our mark.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

Zak Cup points are determined by the top 15 finishers within each age group in a sanctioned Zak Cup event (the MNC Duathlon, for example!). Racers also need to have completed a minimum number of races within each season for these points to count: participation is rewarded!

NENSA Membership at the time of the race is required for Zak Cup Scoring.

Club Cup points are given to all NENSA members competing in a sanctioned Club Cup event (the MNC Duathlon, for example! Again!), with 10pts for first, 9 for second, and so on. However, after 10th place every skier for a club still gains 1 point, so the more competitors a club has in a race, the more points they will get!
To read more details on how the Zak and Club Cups work, check out the NENSA pages by clicking HERE

In essence, the Zak Cup and Club Cup present ways for experienced and newer racers alike to get out there and compete for fitness, fun and the thrill of the race! This season, I’d encourage anyone in the club who has not raced to give it a try…chances are you will have a memorable experience, and you may just get hooked!


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