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First BKL Race: Stowe Nordic Cross-cut Classic!

MNC BKL racers turned out in full-force at the Stowe Nordic Cross-Cut Classic!  Esther, Niko, Carl, Kate, Taylor, Cole, Carly, Virginia, Julia, Greta, Crosby and Lily all braved the cold temps to ski a quick, up and down, 2 km classic course.

Cold temps? These kids know how to bundle up for racing! When you’re only skiing 2km, you’ve got to be warm.  Check out the buffs, the face patches, the parkas and wind shirts in the pictures below.

Everyone skied well and were rewarded at the end with beautiful, handmade, candy canes. Way to go guys! I am so proud of you all for braving the cold temps and coming out to race!


Crosby peers out between hat and buff at the finish.

Hat, buff & wind jacket did not slow down this dude!

Julia making a fashion statement in the pink insulated vest.

Greta was not parting with her warm-ups today!

Esther leading the pack.

Lily wisely left the parka on!

Virginia sporting her anti-frostbite patches.

Taylor striding through the cold.

Kate, all tucked into a buff!

Carly, focussing on the finish!

Cole, determined and tough!


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