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Range Closed: BKL Practice Change for 1/11 & 1/12

The Range is going to be closed Thursday and Friday due to warm temperatures because they want to maintain the snow. So, a change of plans…

Thursday 1/11: We will practice at Catamount Family Center in Williston.  Trail fee will be the awesome special group rate of $5. Please pay inside the Touring Center for your children. SKATE technique.

Friday Foxes 1/12:  Meet Amy at Mills River Park for a backcountry tour. Most likely it will be raining, so wear a raincoat over your ski clothes. We’ll keep moving and explore some trails and then end a little early before it gets dark. Note: Practice on 1/19 will also be at Mills River Park due to a race happening at the Range.

3-Day Skiers: Sunday, 9:30 at Rikert Touring Center, Ripton. Skate skis. Coach Rosemary needs to take her son to a biathlon race in Canada, so you will meet Coach Tom at 9:30 outside the Rikert Touring Center. You will watch the U-16 girls race, then go for a skate ski with Tom. You will be done by 11:30.

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