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MNC Coaches Clinic (w/video)

Yesterday afternoon, a great group of MNC coaches met up for a clinic that covered a lot of bases! In addition to housekeeping business like safety protocol and phone numbers, Coach Rosemary led everyone in a great teambuilding/icebreaker activity involving blindfolds and mousetraps. Scary but great for working together! After I (Adam) got the group onto some yoga mats to talk hip activation and body awareness, we took a look at some current-season ski races from a few weekends prior. We talked technique trends, and how to share them with athletes of all ages. Then we moved out onto snow to practice ourselves.

It was a really fun clinic and I for one left motivated and excited at where we’re at as a club in providing skiers of all ages with appropriate, relevant, and important skills in a relevant way! Here are some photos and a link to my “visualization” videos:

Group lunch and caffeine session: crucial for any coach gathering!

Coach Liam, Coach Julie, and Coach Kristina getting ready to be led through some mousetraps by their fellow coaches!

A quick chat before Adam leads some core and hip mobility on the ground


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