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Come see why Mansfield Nordic Club athletes are consistently amongst the best in the State, region and nation!

The MNC Junior Programs are for high school and college-age athletes that want to improve their fitness and ski faster! Athletes can train with us nearly year-round, or join for a seasonal option. We offer programs that accommodate a wide-range of athletes and abilities.  See below for our brief  program descriptions and links to additional details and registration.

To view a detailed schedule of our year round training and events, click here to visit the MNC Junior Calendar.


Our spring program is a transitional period, as we get athletes used to challenging their muscles in a dry land environment to prepare them for the increased work and intensity of summer.  We offer 3-Day/wk and 1-Day/wk sessions that have a mix of running, biking, strength work and games…plus a hearty dose of some bigger, larger adventures around the area!  To find out more about our Spring programs click here.


"Bonus Training!"

During the summer we offer 3 types of programs: “intro rollerski” programs which are geared towards beginner and intermediate-level rollerskiers (ages 14-17), “BKL youth” programs geared towards athletes age 10-14 (rollerskiing optional but not required) and “comp” programs which are geared towards intermediate- and advanced-skiers. Exposure between the “intro” and “comp” groups is a key part of our structure, and we strive to have athletes of all ages and abilities interact with one another on a regular basis.

The intro program has a distinct focus on rollerskiing fundamentals. All rollerskiing takes place on the paved trail system at the Range in Jericho. Athletes can will gain skills and confidence by skiing on trails that are free of any vehicular traffic. The Range was re-paved in 2013 so the surface is perfectly smooth and ideal for learning. Sessions meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings for approximately 10 weeks, mid-June through late-August. Workouts will consist of approximately 50% rollerskiing, 25% strength training and 25% running or bounding. This program is excellent for high-school skiers that want to incorporate rollerskiing into their summer training!

The comp team programs incorporate rollerskiing and also extend far beyond: athletes can attend any and all MNC training which includes cycling, MTB, running, bounding, strength workouts, hiking, Catamount races and GMBC bike rides with a guaranteed minimum of 50 sessions during the summer!! Approx. 10 weeks, mid-June through late-August. Most training sessions take place Monday through Saturday mornings, however we will have some evening training sessions based on athletes’ and coaches’ schedules.

To find out more about our Summer programs click here.

Fall and Pre-Season

Our Fall program elaborates on summer training. We continue to address the technical side of the sport while adding more competitive elements as the season approaches. Athletes train in one group and perform workouts that are specific to their age and ability. Our comp team (5-6 days per week) and our Fall HS Sport(2 days per week) groups train at a variety of venues. Activities include rollerskiing, bounding, running, strength training and games. Approx. 13 weeks early-September through mid-November.

The Pre-Season program keeps athletes fit and motivated in the downtime between fall and winter sports seasons. This group joins the “Fall” program listed above for approximately 3-4 weeks from late-October through mid-November.

To find out more about our Fall programs click here.


15856413664_5821d68484_zOur Winter program includes technique and tactical work, ski-related fitness, as well as competitions and race-support. Activities include skiing, racing, strength training, games, relays, intervals and speed work. We have two groups, our 6 Day Comp Team and and a 1  Weekday HS Skier program for skiers who want to participate  on their HS teams. We also offer full race support for EC Cups Races and the U16/EHSC Qualifier. The training groups meet at The Range as well as other venues. Approx. 12 weeks early-December through early-March.

To find out more about our Winter programs click here.

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