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Junior DP test

Note: since my computer is not having success uploading photos I am going to stick to video for this post. Sorry!

The Pugs are rolling! We started off the first week of summer training with some reintroduction to rollerskiing, some new strength training concepts and exercises, and the infamous double pole test. We saw some big efforts in the tests, and a lot of skiers were putting up great times even though it’s our first real week at the Range. What gives?

Basically, the thought is that because everyone is doing SO MUCH double poling this year, the strength is carrying over to the spring and summer with greater ease. Lots of great progress that compounds year after year is what we’re going for in anything ski-related, after all.

In the morning session we have some new and returning test-takers, and in the PM session a few more arrived to give the test ago, including Greg who was just 1 second shy of the course record. We’ll have to see how Greg stacks up tomorrow against the rest of the New England REG kids when they do their own double pole test!

Here is some video from the day taken by coach Laurel. As you can imagine, setting this test up is a little complicated but we’ve got a good system…Adam and Sara sync watches. Adam starts the test with a head start to get to the top and record times. Sara sends the skiers off based on the start list, and then starts herself. Laurel picked out a spot to film on a flatter transition. So somehow between 3 coaches we have a nice official timing crew and videographer!

Here is the Test Archive, including times from this recent event


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