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Favorite training sites: Part 1

With summer winding down, our schedule has been a bit focused on making sure we get in all of our favorite workouts before school starts up and fall sports kick in. Running has already started and family vacations are in their last hurrahs as well, so unfortunately we only had a limited group on Saturday for what is now a favorite workout.

I discovered Road 101 last year in the same way I discover many interesting training spots: taking a random turn and driving down to explore on my own in the middle of some other drive. This beautiful mountain road switchbacks up near Smuggs and is usually pretty free of traffic compared to the bustling, tourist-heavy Notch Road. Perfect for striding, which is something we try to only work on in focused sessions (not just casually striding around on rollerskis).

I put together some edits of individual skiers to watch technique, but of course also made a separate short clip that encapsulates what a cool day we had!

Ski trails in the distance, fresh pavement and skiers in the foreground

We have one more busy week of summer training before things shift to the autumn schedule…if you haven’t checked out registration yet, we are LIVE for our Fall 2017 programming! Visit that page HERE. We’re excited to train hard and get in some fall faces, and get back to our partnership with the St Mikes team!


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