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BKL Training Week of 12/04

Snow Leopards, Jackrabbits  (2-3 Day) & Penguins

Tuesday 12/05

BKL Wax Clinic, Pole Adjusting & Equipment Check! Dave Boucher from Toko will give us a demo and then help older kids practice hot waxing their skis. Bring your own hot wax, scraper and brush if you have them so more people can wax at the same time. Younger kids (& older kids) will learn & practice kick waxing. We will also get outside for some running activities so wear your running sneakers!

Thursday 12/07

Wear your running sneakers and get ready for more dryland activities!

3-Day Skiers: Saturday 12/09:  Craftsbury, 10 -11:30 AM. Classic. Meet me in the wax room with your skis.

Friday Foxes

Present plan is to start Dec. 15.  Watch this blog for updates.

Label Your Equipment Reminder!

Every year someone emails me in the early season because their child went home with somebody else’s poles. This year, I am encouraging everyone to LABEL ALL EQUIPMENT before we get on snow. Here are some great labelling ideas:

-Use permanent marker or a white paint marker if equipment is black.

-If your equipment is rented, apply a piece of painter’s tape and write on that.

-If you have multiple kids, use a different color duct tape for each kid so it’s easy to recognize whose is whose.

-Label skate equipment with “SKATE” and classic equipment with “CLASSIC” so it’s easy to tell which is which.

-Label makers are great. So are address labels covered with a piece of clear packaging tape!


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