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BKL Program Starts Tuesday, Nov. 28th!

Snow Leopards, Jackrabbits  (2-3 Day) & Penguins

Tuesday:  We will meet inside the Walker Building at the Range to get started. Most likely we will be on foot (wear your sneakers) and we will do some dryland ski drills and play lots of games. Dress in layers and bring a full water bottle.

Thursday: Wear your sneakers again and bring shorter classic poles that you can run with (the poles you used last year or the year before are probably about right). We’ll do some bounding and running with poles and play more games! Parents will attend the parent meeting which starts at 4:45 and we will all go until 5:30 on this day.

3-day Program Skiers:  Tentative Plan:  Saturday at Craftsbury, 10-11:30 on snow. Skate technique.

Friday Foxes

Present plans are to start Dec. 15.  Watch this blogs for updates.

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