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BKL Mini-Marathon Results!

Kids line up and listen to instructions from Coach Rosemary at the start.

BKL Practice today was the annual Mini-marathon! How many loops/k’s can you ski in an hour? Well, our kids skied anywhere from 4 km to 13k total!  Everyone brought snacks and a few parents helped kids record their laps and monitored the snack table.  Thank you parents and thanks to Katie Coons for taking the photos!

Alice Norris helps kids record their laps at the snack table.


What a great day to ski, ski, and ski! The conditions were awesome! Great job everyone!  See how far you skied below:

Adrien 9 km
Ailsa 12 km
Angus 9 km
Ansel 4 km
Astrid 8 km +
Bella 10 km
Brady 6 km
Brendan 9 km
Brice 11 km
Aiden 5 km
Brody 6 km
Callum 7 km
Carl 9 km
Carly 10 km
Charles 6 km
Cole 9 km
Crosby 6 km
Ahser 7 km
Daniel 9 km
Duncan 12 km
Ella M. 10 km
Galen 4 km
Greta 10 km
Hayden 9 km
Hazel 10 km
Jack 9 km
Jillian 4 km
Jordan 13 km
Julia T. 9 km
Kate 11 km
Lena 4 km
Levi 5 km
Josie 5 km
Liam V. 4 km
Hazen 6 km
Lily 3 km
Macalister 6 km
Maeve 5 km
Maisie 10 km
Matteo 11 km
Mia 8 km
Niko 8 km
Phoebe 5 km
Pippa 8 km
Rachel 10 km
Rowan 10 km
Rye 7 km
Ryley 6 km
Sylvie 5 km
Taylor 8 km
Tessa 8 km
Virginia C. 10 km
Virginia H. 2 km
William W. 3 km


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