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(MNC) was founded in 1983, and is dedicated to supporting skier development in Northwestern Vermont.  The club has roughly 200 members, ranging in age from 5 to 78. MNC offers high-quality coaching with skier-development programs and activities during all four seasons.  Our training takes place primarily on the world-class trails at the Ethan Allen Biathlon Range in Jericho, where paved roller ski loops, snowmaking, lights, and superb grooming provide optimal skiing conditions.


Mansfield Nordic Club’s mission is to help athletes of all ages and abilities improve their Nordic skiing and pursue skiing excellence at the local, national, and international levels.  Through the use of creative coaching methods, our passionate coaches offer individualized instruction to help athletes ski fast while also fostering a fun and supportive team environment.


To be the ‘go-to’ club in Northwest Vermont for athletes that want to ski at the highest level, and to provide the highest quality programs, coaching, training opportunities, and facilities in collaboration with the local ski community.


Excellence: The drive to pursue excellence at whatever level our athletes choose to compete, and provide coaching to match these levels.

Fun: Enjoying the camaraderie and social benefits of skiing and training with friends, and sharing those benefits with new skiers.

Speed and Agility: Our desire to ski fast, develop well-rounded skiers, and to always be moving and adapting.

Passion: Engaging with the sport and healthy culture of Nordic skiing for life.

Club LogoMansfield Nordic Club Logo

The MNC logo was inspired by our tag line “coaching, training and playing in the shadow of Mt. Mansfield.”  In the outline of the snow covered mountains one can see an M and an N, with the green representing the shadow of those mountains where we play. The green also represents the Green Mountains, the home to Mt. Mansfield and our club. The semi-serif font used in both the symbol and name has trailing edge flares to convey both speed and motion, highlighting both our desire to ski fast and to always be moving and adapting.

The final feature in the logo is the North Star, which represents our skiers who are future stars, as well as True North, our club’s mission to enable skiers of all ages and abilities to pursue individual excellence and chase their dreams through Nordic Skiing.

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