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A Busy Weekend of BKL Races!

Tessa in the Sweetheart Race

Lots of racing this weekend- Middle School States at Sleepy Hollow, the Youth Biathlon Races at the Jericho NorAm Biathlon and the Woodstock Sweetheart BKL Race on Sunday!

Jericho Youth Biathlon

In Jericho, Coach Yves and Coach Peter put on a great youth biathlon race. Nine of our MNC/EABC youth biathletes competed with some impressive skiing and shooting results. In the air rifle race, Brice Dubief and Liam Vile showed everyone that they both have a future in biathlon. In the girls 11-12 race, Virginia Cobb missed three shots and subsequently, spent a bit of time on the penalty loop, but then cleaned her next five shots. Even though she skied fast, it wasn’t enough to beat out Craftsbury’s Amelia Circosta who cleaned all her targets. Lila Brilhart and Jillian Doktor both had very good shooting, Lila missing only one and Jillian missing two.

In the girls 13/14 race, Bella Norris was the only competitor and skied with her rifle on her back, and subsequently won her age class!

On the boys side, the 11/12 boys from Craftsbury had the best shooting of the day followed by Niko Cuneo who cleaned his first round, but then missed 3. He was followed by Duncan Dubief and Brody Norris who also missed 3.

Middle School States

While these skiers were focussing at their targets in Jericho, many other MNC skiers were at Sleepy Hollow skiing in the Middle School States race. Brady Morgeau was third behind some fast u32 eighth graders, followed by Taylor Carlson, Adrien Dezon-Galliard, Carl Priganc and Rye McCurtain. In the girls race, Hattie Barker pulled in first while Maise Frankie, skiing for Harwood, finished third. Not far behind were Finley Barker and Rachel Porth. Great work middle school skiers!  Results Link

Woodstock Sweetheart Race

Kate with her awesome socks!

On Sunday, a bunch of MNC girls travelled to Woodstock to ski in the Sweetheart Race. Woodstock Nordic Center is stationed on a golf course, but their trail network extends up a wooded hillside as well, offering some surprisingly challenging terrain. They had lots of snow and the course was decorated with hearts hanging in the trees and posted in the snow.


This race was an interval start which was a nice change for the kids and good practice for the BKL Festival. In the girls 3/4 race, Kate Carlson double poled her way to victory on a very flat course with Pippa Diller not far behind in second place. Tessa Diller skied very fast and pulled in fifth! Nice job girls!


The 5/6 girls race was interesting. Virginia Cobb started second, quickly passed the boy ahead of her and looked great on the long series of uphills that made up the 5/6 & 7/8 course. She finished second- just one second behind Ford Sayer’s Sarah Gluek! Another close finish: Julia Thurston was fourth, just two seconds behind Putney’s Caroline Tarmy! Mia Diller did a great job on that long uphill and finished tenth. Virginia and Julia were kicking themselves when they found out how close they were! It’s hard to tell where you are in an interval start, so you just have to go as hard as you can and race the clock. All these 5/6 girls (plus a few more) have been skiing close to each other all winter. I wonder how things will shake out at the BKL Fest next week? It will definitely be exciting! Great job girls!


Mia climbing the hill.

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